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Nov 4, 2009 6:00am EST
: they work rout and talk out their issues. >> what sippy cup to use. >> reporter: katie mckay and her son owen joined the stroller's stride group two years ago. >> being a stay at home mom can be isolating. it's nice to be around peep who -- people who get your issues. >> reporter: she connected with other mommies and had more quality time with owen. >> i'm hoping overtime that, it gives him a model of being fit and being active and that we don't just hang out in our house all day. >> reporter: for some kids, and even some parents, it's no walk in park. but together they push through. >> keep those knees bent. >> reporter: as a group make strides. >> helping us to avoid injury, right. >> reporter: at the end of the hour. >> it was a good workout. >> reporter: time to shake it out and refuel. [ laughter ] >> there are several stroller stride groups throughout our region to find out the closest to you, log on to >>> and if you have an idea for a family 411 segment, send me an e-mail at >>> how can you help make the holidays happier for children in ne
Nov 5, 2009 6:00am EST
of scene transitions. >> reporter: wow. let's go to katie glass. who is your character and how do you get through character. >> i play nina and she is going through an audition. i take all of my auditions and portray them. >> reporter: give fox 45 a little taste this morning. >> do you have a fever? >> yes, sir, 103. >> good god, what are you doing walking around in the dead of winter with a 103 fever. go home and come back another time. >> oh, no, i waited six months to get this audition, and i waited three months to be put on the waiting list. please let me audition. i'm feeling a whole lot better. i think i'm down to 101 now. >> i can see that you are set on being an actress. >> the bones in my body. >> what practical experience do you have? >> as to what? >> for example, the thing we're talking about. >> you mean on stage? >> reporter: the good doctor is playing at centennial high school september 11th through the 14th. shows -- november 11th through the nowrnght. 14th, fore information, log on to >>> it's going to help the kids come out of their shell. i couldn't
Nov 27, 2009 6:00am EST
? >> it be perceived as you being rude. >> how are you doing? i'm katie. >> at first i was a little bit taken back but then i understood what we were doing. >> because it's an american costume, it's difficult to get away. >> reporter: let's ask miss etiquette if there's a way around it? >> if you want to say, i'm concerned about getting sick, so if you don't mind, we're not going to shake hands, but this is not going to work. >> the handshake is a part of it, but being able to do the elbow bump thing, is a way to remind people that you can have the contact, do it in a good way, and still have public health. >> reporter: joel d smith. >> fox 45 morning news. >>> very interesting. coming up in the 8:00 hour. she made it pretty far on so you think you can dance, find out if maryland native it's time for holiday bargain hunting. which requires a razor sharp eye and blazing speed. especially if you're shopping for a chevy. can we speed this up? not only do they come with the best deals of the year, they come with the best coverage in america. you snooze you lose. hey! i'll take it! let the chevy red
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3